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FuelPump 2


GPS on/off

Show MAP

Add station

Pull down to refresh !!

Your position

Fuel Card layout

Station name

Price !!

Price change

Enterprise icon

Currency / measure


Last changed

Road distance

Air distance

Fuel Card functions

Tap to expand cardmenu

Long-tap price to change it !!

Tap fuelkind to bring up fuelkind menu

FuelPump2 is still in Alpha or Beta test mode, and might stop or crash. Please contribute with feedback if so happens through Google Play.

Fuel Card color system

Less than 12 hours old. 

Between 48 hours and 1 week old.

Fuel Price color system

Yellow, wait for better price if you can ...

Red, don't buy if you can. Or buy little...

Gray text is either older than one week or has not been updated.

Please note !!

Between 12 and 48 hours old.

More than one week old.

Have never been changed.

Green price is OK.

Go buy !!

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