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Air distance

Road distance

FuelPump 2

Station List

Station List shows which stations are present according to your selection and sort order.

You can refresh the list by dragging the list downwards.

When the list is scrolled the GPS locator is decoupled avoiding the list to be constantly refreshed.

Station card color codes

Green - recent update

No more than 12 hours old price.

Yellow - uncertain

At least 12 hours old, and newer than 48 hours.

Red - not reliable

At least 48 hours old, and newer than 168 hours (one week old).

Blue - ancient price

At least 168 hours old (more than a week old).

Gray - never updated

This price have never been checked, and price is shown as ##.## indicating no update. 

NOTE: You can long-tap this price tag to enter recent price !!

Station list

Pull the list downards to refresh the contents

Enterprise logo

Station name

Price change


Update time

Current price !

Favourite indicator

More menu

Fuel selector

Station bearing

Price text color codes

Green - good price, refill ASAP

Don't hesitate, do a refill even if you are half empty.

Yellow - fair price

Do a refill of you need

Red - bad price

Refill as low amount as possible, wait as long as you can...

Gray - Price is outdated

This price is outdated, or has never been updated (##.##)

Please long-tap and contribute with updated price !

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