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GPS switch

FuelPump 2

Action menu

The action menu is on the top of the screen. It contains common switches for commonly used settings and functions. It includes an overflow menu where less common settings and functions are seated.

Notification level

Include unregistered

Opens Main menu

Radar search

Overflow menu


Main menu

Opens main menu on the left side of the screen. You can also drag your finger from left edge to bring it forward.

Exclude / Include unregistered

Station list will include unregistered station for the selected kind if this switch is turned on.

Radar search

Tap this action if you wan't to scan you surroundings for new stations. Autoscanning on startup is standard first time the app is stared.

GPS on / off

GPS is normally on on startup. GPS will be turned off when scrolling stationlist downwards. If you refresh the stationlist by pulling downwards when topmost item is shown, it will be turned on automatically.

Notification level

Push notifications are delivered when prices are updated dependent on your selections. You can turn off sound, or even turn off notifications at all, and back on if desireable.

Overflow menu

Brings up the overflow menu containing other menuitems.

Overflow Menu

The overflow menu shows actions and settings which are less common.

Overflow menuitems


Opens the search field where you can search for stations on several types of items. It will do a broad search on all registered fields.

Refresh Stations

Does a station list refresh. Same as pulling the stationlist downwards.

Enterprise filter (sub menu)

If there are enterprises which are in interest, you can do selection here. Either exclude them, or include them. You can include/exclude as many as you want. Menu closes for each selection and needs to reopen to change.

Fuel kinds (sub menu)

Single selection on fuelkind. Same as tapping the fuelkind badge in the 


Help page containing link to this page, version information and install/update date and time. May contain important information on this particular version.

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